Overhauling and Maintenance of your Carbon Black Air Preheater (APH).

The world wants action. More than 100 countries have committed to a carbon net-zero goals by the middle of the century. Trust Well Engineers (India) Pvt ltd has developed a new segment for Overhauling and Maintenance of your Carbon Black Air Preheater. With more than 25 years of rich experience in Manufacture and repair of Waste Heat recovery Systems, we understand the challenges of Carbon Black APH Overhauling in a plant, as the carbon black is considered as the heart of the plant Trust Well Engineers India Pvt Ltd, technologies can provide latest technologies of orbital welding and fluorescent DP for repair of your existing APH. We work with a vast array of well-known and established raw material sources for locating appropriate material for your application.

We have partnered with Mr. H.S Vyas sir, a veteran in the field of Carbon Black APH Systems with 40+ years of Experience. Our team has some of the brightest minds in academia and Industry experts to demonstrate Smooth and safe handling of the equipment. Our broad range of experience and expertise in Manufacturing of Waste Heat Recovery Solutions provides the insight necessary to redesign problem causing components, specify necessary repairs and replacements, recommend and implement cost-effective solutions to improve Carbon Black APH performance. We work as a team with our customers to develop or satisfy Maintenance Needs and to analyze the profitability of proposed solutions to determine the best approach forward to support your system upgrades, services and replacement of parts for equipment originally supplied.

Trust well will provide a complete package of integrated upgrade and aftermarket services, including:

  • Careful selection of “fins” for specific process conditions.
  • Use of highly proven correlations for heat transfer and pressure drop calculations.
  • Careful check for gas pressure drop with optimum heat transfer coefficient need to keep low pressure drop to satisfy system design.
  • Check for various part load - to confirm safe operating range. Keep tube metal temp. below dew point in all operating cases.
  • Ease of installation, operation and maintenance in available space.
  • Cast iron metallurgy for specific cases.
  • Robust design - check for wind, seismic load, operation, external piping.
  • No thermal stresses - free expansion provisions air and gas side.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Engineering assessment of recurring issues in your APH.
  • Upgrades needed for aging equipment.
  • Replacement of parts.
  • Installation and Automation services (for Smooth operation of APH).
  • Performance testing and monitoring.
  • Field engineering services.
  • On-site inspections.
  • Client inspection.
  • Loading & Un-loading and transporting services.
  • Complete Transparency in our work.
Our experience includes:

  • Experts with 30+ years of experience in the field of Carbon Black Industry
  • Staff strength of 90 professionals from marketing, process & detail engineering, project management, procurement, QAQC, field services, commissioning and post sales services
  • A dedicated Carbon Black APH management team to provide turnkey solutions for increased operational flexibility

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